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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farm Market & Water Fun

We took a trip to the local farm market today and got some scallions and red leaf lettuce... Maris was so dead set against getting radishes for some ridiculous reason... she kept going "noo noo! I don't like those!" so we didn't get them. I am really excited about getting mint. I love putting it in my tea. Here's the kids checking out the goods.

after the farm market, we went to the grocery store for a diaper run and we picked up some cones and ice cream and headed back to the house. We filled up the kiddie pool and set up the slip and slide and then sprinkler. Jackson kept gingerly laying down on the slip and slide and going "puuuush" then Maris would push him down =)

After ice cream, they lounged around for a bit looking at the clouds and relaxing. Maris said she found 2 lobster clouds. I stripped them down and gave them a bath... a certain someone was COVERED in sticky ice cream drips and sprinkles haha

overall a great day.

the night however.... I took the night off for a traffic court date at 7. I ended up sitting on a horribly uncomfortable bench for 50 mins waiting for them to call my name and the officer didn't even show up... so in a way its good bc I am one step closer to it being dismissed, but still annoying that I have to await and take off for yet another pointless night just to pay some fine. sigh... I was pulled over months ago on my road for speeding on my way to work. shit happens... well I am off. Jim and I are going to watch the Hangover. We live in a time warp where things that are 5 years old are new to us... lol we figure its time to see it since there is now a sequel =)

at least he now cares to spend time with me. he came home from work and immediately sat down and turned on his kitchen nightmares show ---______--- (<- unamused face...) but yay. off I go before baseball comes on and I lose computer usage (he hogs it to watch indians games online haha)... another unamused face... ugh lol

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  1. that picture of Jackson and you is so funny, he's not your kid right?! haha he's like your mini me!