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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Fun and vacay countdown

Yesterday we enjoyed the warm weather by getting out Jackson's ride-on tractor that we just got a new battery for. He loves it! The only problem is that he needs to learn how to control it better. He would steer it off his course and scream... haha poor little hothead... =)
and of course bubbles. lots and lots of bubbles..

gotta love the towing a John Deere INSIDE another John Deere =)

t minus 4 days until vacation! I cannot WAIT to just kick back and be a passenger... SLEEP for once... we are packing up and going to Cleveland OH with Jims parents. We are all very excited to be together as a family for more than a half hour a day... a whole week! and we are going to see a Yankees vs Indians game. Even taking Maris! We figured Jacks was too young and its a night game so he would be either screaming or sleeping anyway. Maris couldn't be more excited though =) Hoping to hit the zoo and some other sites and family. Well, until later =) enjoy the weather! I think we are swimming today!

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  1. Hey I thought you already caught up on sleep...LOL...have a great time and can't wait to share our lately July 4th party with you and the kids on Thursday!