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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Annual Family Halloween Party

A family friend of ours throws a Halloween party every year that is just HUGE. This year she had a DJ, fortune teller, craft table, and toons and tons of food. I ended up taking 847 pictures... I only put a select few on here so you get the idea :) The kids were all sooo cute dancing to the music! Jackson was partying strong the ENTIRE party... completely sugar high and loving it. He dressed up as a pirate and Maris was a candy corn princess. I must say.... a DJ really does give a party a certain something. Kids and parents alike were dancing and living it. I know that personally... I spent most of the time on the "dancefloor"/driveway :) As did my kids! I attempted to show them the Thriller dance (what I knew of it) and gave up bc the kids just wanted to do their own thing haha My friend Dawn came and did a bit of it though! sorry if my post is a bit incoherent... I just woke up 10 mins ago and just want to get this up and going! Kids are eating breakfast and I have to do baths before school in 2 hours.

adorable fondant toppers :)

Jackson was a glow necklace hoarder :)

hokie pokie!

my yummy hot chocolate with Baileys mmmmm

teaching Maris to VOGUE


warming by the fire - burning hay bales!

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  1. So glad you guys had fun! I think everyone did. I agree the DJ really stepped it up this year! So nice spending the time with friends! Thanks for all the pictures you took, looking forward to seeing them!