Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedding Fever!

I am currently a bridesmaid in my cousins very upcoming wedding (2 weeks away!) and one in one of my best friends upcoming wedding AND also the matron of honor in my sisters wedding next September... :) I have the task of co-planning the bachelorette party for my cousins wedding this weekend and since she reads my blog, I can't say where we are going or what we are doing on here, but I'm excited!
My sister, her fiancee, our mom and I went to the bridal expo at Catlin Gardens this past weekend and it is the place my sister wants to be married at now. It is a gorgeous place! We talked to a ton of vendors and got some ideas and also who NOT to hire... I won a free "pleasure party" from a drawing for a bachelorette party but I'm not sure if I want to throw it for her actual party... I haven't called back yet. Who'd have thought I'd win... haha I was hoping to win the photo booth for her wedding. It is soooo fun! They had a sample one up to play around with and we entered the drawing to have one at her reception. :)

Aside from worrying about where I am going to find the money, I am so happy to be involved in all of these weddings. I have a TON of ideas and I keep finding more on pinterest. Luckily I am crafty and thrifty... I've gotten this far on my budget! :) :)
Now to think up an epic bachelorette party for my sister... but even more pressing matters of THIS WEEKENDS bachelorette party are at hand... I'm thinking themLinked cookies and buttons for all the girls. Not sure what else yet. Maybe a special cocktail or jello shots... hmmm time to consult pinterest! AND I think it is a good time to rent the movie Bridesmaids... it came out right before my wedding mania :)

I think so! -->

oi I need sleep and gratuitous amounts of coffee

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