Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Just wanted to share my mini score at ShopRite :) I got a pretty red mum plant for a buck! Yay!

update on the kiddos:

Jackson is a bit moody today and his eye cut still looks gnarly. It doesn't seem to be opening back up or infected or anything... just red and angry looking. I am hoping it doesn't leave a big scar across his face

Maris starts her official first day of Pre-K today. This is the real deal before kindergarten and we are excited. She keeps asking when we go but it doesn't start until 12:45! Gonna be a long day of anticipation while I clean the disaster area/house (hubs has neglected to help me for days and it SHOWS)


  1. Saw the pics of Maris on FB sooo cute! I was telling the kids today in Target about Jackson, Zachary was almost in tears...

    Great score on the mum! Did they have more?

  2. Aww thats sweet of Zachary to be concerned! It is healing well, just looks nasty still.

    They had other plants (it was the Montague location) but that was the only decent looking mum. They had some greenery and stuff. If I had more time, I'd have looked more. I was just running in for something on the way to some wedding business for my cousin.