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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

*Happiness* What Makes You Happy? PART II

Happiness is a warm Marisa... with a dryer fresh robe on :) :) (honorary #8.5 on the list haha)

I am in slight need of a pick-me-up lately so I decided to continue the list of things that make me truly HAPPY. I do invite you to share your list too!

9. Deep Connections

I love when I am so close to someone that I can communicate without having to say anything. I have had few friends/relationships/family members who can read me like a book and tell how I am feeling without speaking to me. I have been told that I wear my feelings on my sleeve and I am an easily read person... but sometimes it can go deeper than that. I've picked up vibes and feelings from certain people in my life before seeing them that something is wrong or whatever. I am having a hard time articulating my thoughts with the kids in their morning play routine right here... haha I've had to get up for juice and snacks twice and also to break up 3 fights in this paragraph alone... oi

10. Tilt A Whirls!

ok. Tilt a whirls are one of the best things ever invented!!! Anyone who has ever been on one with me knows what its like... I usually giggle NON STOP. I made Maris go on one at Land of Make Believe a few times with me since I was so excited. I always said if I ever was rich I'd have a tilt a whirl in my back yard under a pavilion so even in the rain I could ride it if I was feeling down. If Michael Jackson can have a ferris wheel, I can have a tilt a whirl right?! My sister knows this all too well. and it is infectious - I even made Jim crack up on them.
11. Craft Fairs

I love going to craft fairs with my mom and sister. It inspires me to make something when I see so many things that people created... I always go "I can do that!" aaaaand never follow through... but sometimes ideas strike and I Do make something. Walking through and appreciating peoples creativity is enjoyable. Same reason I enjoy galleries and museums but craft fairs just have a homey feel and I love going to the ones at my old school for nostalgic reasons :) *previous post will tell you how I feel about nostalgia lol* It has always been something I'd like to try... selling things I've made at a craft fair, but I never had the guts to try.... or the money and time to make enough of one thing to sell. Maybe one day I will get around to it... but for now, attending them is good :)

12. Word/Logic Puzzles

I adore those variety puzzle magazines and do them often. Doing a crossword puzzle a day is said to add years to your life by keeping your brain active. Not sure where I read that but it did stick with me since I DO do that! :) Couldn't hurt right? Back when I nursed the babies, I had a crossword puzzle book tucked in the rocker and would do them while they ate to keep myself awake at night!

13. Finding Great Writing Implements

I am a pen lover/hoarder... finding a pen that writes great can make my day! I have an extensive collection of pens in my house... ball point and gel and any other kind. I have gel pens in every color imaginable. I use to (when I had the time!) write detailed letters with all colors to send to people.

wow this list is reminding me of things I don't have much time for anymore... I guess I will do a crossword puzzle with one of my gel pens later today when M is in school :) I need to make time to go see friends and family...

I could write a book on things that COULD make me happy... like maybe a day without my kids fighting?!?! i swear I put Jackson in time out 17 times a day for hitting Maris with a toy or pulling her hair... body slamming her... she instigates but he is a brute!

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  1. A fellow pen lover! It's so nice to find a kindred spirit. This is great that you're making notes of things that make you happy. Too many people use their blogs to complain about life and I think they are missing so much.