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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween is coming!

So just a little background story... my sister and I used to be avid yard sale-ers (when I was little I thought it was yard sailing since you go from yard to yard.... lol) but anywayss.... I came across this bat hoodie for a 48 month old child. I knew no one that had small children really besides my brother (who had twin girls) and I personally had no immediate plans for children yet I bought the hoodie anyway. It was just too cute. I boxed it up *hoarder... I know I know...* and came across it again when I had Maris. I couldn't wait for my kids to wear it. The point of the story is basically that I love looking at pictures of this somewhat of a tradition with the hoodie for years now.... Maris has worn it at age 2,3, and now 4. Jackson is wearing it this year... It is nice to know that the first thing I ever purchased for my children has gotten so much use. and it was totally on a whim and preemptive :)


We decorated a bit before with our painted pumpkins and the mum I bought>>> we also picked up some window stickies for the front door. Hopefully tomorrow, before my future brother in law Josh's birthday party, we can carve the big pumpkin. We were supposed to do it Weds night since I had off, but Jim had to work late so my night off wasn't really off at all. Still on momma duty :) not that I'm ever truly "off" from that... but a break would be NICE. I made some chocolate tombstones and skeletons to top the cake I have planned out for Josh. I'm excited :) pics to come afterwards.
Back when we were planning my cousin Megan's wedding shower, I volunteered a few of my mason jars from my collection to use for centerpieces and the MOH wrapped them in burlap. It was a nice touch... we ended up using potted plants and not needing them... I kept the burlap on them bc I liked it... This morning I added some bright flowers to them and I am happy with them :) They match my kitchen stuff AND have fall colors. Im a fan.
Today Maris has her Halloween party at her preschool and they will be trick or treating from class to class in the vocational school classrooms. She is super pumped and I love dressing her up :) My friend Miss Kimmie bought the kids Halloween shirts and she is so over the moon that hers has Hello Kitty on it! She wants to wear it under her costume hahaWe are rocking the Pandora site's Halloween Party station IM SO READY FOR HALLOWEEN and the kids are listening from their fort we built. They've been in it all morning. It really helped occupy them and I took the time to finish my jars and clean the kitchen. and also blog a bit :) :) They took their snacks and blankets and a few toys in there and now have made a hole "window" to see out. I have had to rebuild due to full on brawls under there but still keeping them occupied!!!


*Time Warp! from Rocky Horror Picture Show
*Devil Went Down to Georgia -Charlie Daniels Band (not really Halloween but I associate it for personal memory reasons) PLUS I think it did come on Pandora Halloween Party's station
*Thriller - Michael Jackson
*This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas
*Monster Mash (of course)
*how about Don't Fear the Reaper? :) nice...

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