Monday, October 17, 2011

A Change...

My life has been full of work, play dates, preschool, errands, events, places to be, places I SHOULD be... being a full time Mom and working 6 nights a week (unless I take a night off for said previous events...) . It is taking a toll on me. As much as I was looking forward to the wedding and it was amazing.... I'm glad it is don. Now I am spending all my time editing, sorting, and uploading the pictures I took. The photographer they had was kind of a flake and missed A LOT. I kind of took charge (with help from Dane - a fellow bridesmaid and my sister Miranda). The picture I posted above is one of my favorite pictures because it was taken in the moment I "took over" in my mind and started acting like a photographer. It is funny bc it is how I look at most functions like this. A drink in one hand and camera in the other. and ALWAYS where the action is for getting the shot I live and breathe to photograph things. It doesn't even matter what it is... I just look calm and in control and happy. I am all over the place in this post...
The title "A Change" is meant to be a change for the better in my life. I took a step or two back and looked at what I am doing. I scoop ice cream and it is sometimes a stressful job and LATELY there is a lot of drama. You would think I could go in, do my job and go home. Life isnt always that simple . Sometimes you get thrown a curveball. I took this job as a part time for some extra cash so I can get ahead in life and start my photography and free my days to stay with the kids. Over 2 years later, I am working 6 nights a week as a certified trainer and seemingly the only person able to function in the position... it is frustrating. In the back of my head on bad nights I yell at myself to get off my ass and BE A PHOTOGRAPHER. Many people yell the same thing at me, but where do I start??? I take on side jobs here and there for a party or shower. I do them for personal friends and family... but can you really use that as experience? I think I lack the confidence to proclaim myself a professional. There are people who go through life not knowing what their passion is... I am lucky enough to have found mine. Next step : maybe look into taking some courses to fine tune my abilities and maybe get some business background and know how to run my own business. That would be my ultimate goal. sigh... I thrive in creativity and need to surround myself in it to make myself happy. My life needs some change for the better. I feel stagnant.
Well there is my slightly schitzo rant for the day... I am currently uploading the faves from my cousin Megan's wedding. Later posts shall include the wedding and brother Rob's visit, the pumpkin festival, and also the impending birth of my new niece! Due Oct 19th <3


  1. Your skills were definitely appreciated at the wedding. I feel bad that you had to take over.. You are an amazing photographer. I would recommend you to anyone. I think that if you threw together a portfilo it shouldn't matter who you did them for. your work speaks for it's self. Love you tons and Thanks again for being so flipping awesome!

  2. Don't feel bad about it - it is what I do naturally :) I am anxious to see the photog's pictures - like the jump one we staged :)

  3. I love your pictures and think you do an awesome job. I am baffled that you aren't out there as a Professional Photographer. You can absolutely use your work from friends/family... start a FB page and get yourself out there!! I started doing this for friends and then friends of friends and so on. I don't put myself out there on a daily basis but I do the same circle of people over and over!! Your are 10x the photographer that I am!! JUST DO IT!! (but I do get the self-conscious crap too).