Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Ouchie Today...

so today we went to the mall to meet up with one of our friends for lunch.... we were there a little early so we walked around Target to check out what they had. Jackson was not feeling the stroller so I let him walk around a bit but he was being rambunctious so I tried to make him sit in the stroller. He was being impossible so I told him walk near me or ride. He listened for a while but kept falling behind to look at stuff. I turned a corner and called for him to come to me and as he turned the corner, his eye caught the edge of the shelf on a broken plastic sign holder that was sticking out. the corner of his eye across his face towards his ear was BLEEDING profusely... It was terrifying. At first I thought he just cut his face... I went to wipe it calmly while he screamed but then I saw that the blood appeared to be in his eye. That's when I almost lost it. I had to keep it together for him... looked around and couldn't find anyone but I picked him up and started running towards the customer service desk. (meanwhile my friend Kim was trying to find me in the store.... heard Jacks screaming and came up front to see all the commotion) I stood there waiting for someone to come because I didnt want to wipe his eye with a baby wipe and have it sting with chemicals... didnt want to take him in the bathroom... so I wanted firstaid kit or assistance. They gave me some ice in a paper towel and I began to try and see if his eye was damaged. THANK GOD it wasn;t/// the cut went all the way into the corner of his eye, but didnt actually get his eyeball. Although the cut was rather deep, I was relieved none the less. They said he didnt need stitches and we filled out an incident report and Kim sat with the kids while I took them to where he got hurt. They took pictures and took the shelf piece down. Everyone was so nice.
Kim later told me that during the commotion, TWO different Friendlys regulars came up to see if we were ok. (I DID NOT notice they even were there. I was trying not to cry...) one even gave Maris some animal crackers she bought. the other stopped and made sure I was ok and that he was ok before leaving. Sometimes people can be so kind... one regular also went over to the snack bar and came back with ice water and more ice for Jacksons face while I talked to the managers and EMT guy. I feel bad that I didnt know any of that happened. I have to be sure to tell them thank you when they come into work next. I was starting to lose it for a while when Jackson didnt stop screaming. He was gripping on me so tight and just screaming.... normally (those of you who know my kids know this...) my kids ALWAYS fall and NEVER cry about it. Jackson fell off the couch backwards onto his head and got up like nothing happened... Maris walks into stuff, falls down.... they barely ever cry unless its bad. I wanted to fix it... tough guy.
once all the drama had passed and the forms were filled out and he calmed down... we headed to Johnny Rockets for some milkshakes and burgers and he has been fine since. Its just going to look yucky for a while and we will watch it for any infection. It scared me so bad when he looked up at me with blood in his eye... my adrenaline was pumping and I was nauseous for a while. What a Goober! . He s so cuddly now... maybe its bothering him a bit. Well, off to eat dinner and go to work. It never ends!

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  1. Oh...boys and cuts... I am so glad he is ok... I have had a similar experience with a cut and the eye!! Not a fun one:( Glad to know it turned out ok!!