Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ode to A Chair

I am sitting here waking up this morning and looking at my kids.... both of them are sharing a chair without killing each other - upside down and eating "trail mix" (cereal, cranberries and raisins mix) and the house is peaceful. The reason : the chair is magical :) We moved my glider from my bedside to the living room to free up some space and add more seating in the living room. It was becoming a place for my clean laundry to go instead of being put away so.... out it went. I really don't want to get rid of it bc I have so many memories of rocking my babies in it night after night... right when I got home from the hospital both times I spent most of the time in that chair. Late night/morning feedings, bedtime stories... I love this chair. I wish I had the earlier in life pictures of us in the chair on the computer to post.... I lost a bunch with a virus a while back (they are backed up on disc... but there are literally hundreds of discs.... lol) I looked back in previous albums... but same story... hundreds of albums to go through! AAAnnnnyway... this chair is a staple of our family history. Its funny how that can happen :) Now all 3 of us pile in it to watch movies and read books (and Momma and Daddy sit in it to play the wii after bedtime haha) and it displays my Beatles throw blanket perfectly. No one ever sees it bc its folded up in my room or buried under the laundry on the chair. Now it is out in the family room where it belongs!
Something about re arranging furniture, even mild changes, makes me inspired to clean and just makes me happy. Like a refresh. reset. Keeps you on your toes. If I rearrange the bedroom, I sleep better too. Insane? Maybe. Me? Totally.
So happy Wednesday :) I am surprising the kids with a trip to the local ice cream shop a girl from my high school opened up with her family. It is hot dog Wednesday. Go local businesses!

I found an older pic! This is Maris' shower - when my Mom gave me the chair :)

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