Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Not much time for posting today... Catching up on my Modern Family from last night while dinner cooks and the kids are napping :) Just want to stop by and say how THANKFUL I am that it is a beautiful autumn day and we had a wonderful time at the park with friends. Pictures to come later! We need some sun after the hurricane and the rain and rain and rain that kept coming weeks afterward. Thankful for a week of upcoming sunshine and time with friends and family. Now off to check on the biscuits to go with that awesome smelling brisket in the crock pot :) then off to work for me... booo


  1. What a great post :) We all need to slow down and be thankful for things like a beautiful Autumn day. Brisket in the crock pot sounds really yummy. I have a crock pot but I have literally never used it lol. I need to find some (easy) crock pot recipes!

  2. I posted one earlier for chicken chili. it is amazing! the crock pot is the BEST!