Monday, October 10, 2011

Enjoying the Indian Summer Weather

after sleeping in to recover from my "wild night" out, I returned to momdom and enjoyed a nice family day. The hubs was off for once and let me sleep in until 11 (unheard of for me to sleep in... ever. Even before kids. but I needed it!) I got up and heard that Jackson peed in his potty all on his own. Making progress!!! When I got up and about, the weather was already up in the 70s and it was gorgeous out. I wanted to go pumpkin picking as our weekends coming up are full of activities and parties and weddings already, but Jim said he wanted to stay home and clean. He has been on this Hoarders watching kick and whenever he watches a few episodes, he gets in this "we need to clean our house!!!" mode. His plan was to stay home and clean... I wanted to get out in the sun! But I agreed to stick around the house and we started organizing and cleaning. I made a ffew bags for donations and one for consignment while he cleaned the kitchen. The kids started getting antsy and Jim took them outside to play while I kept cleaning (I know... right?!) so I went out to join them and he suggested taking them to "pirate ship park" as they call it. I was a bit miffed since I wanted to get out and do something all day and I had to go to work in a few hours so I was in stay home, make dinner and go to work mode and NOW he wants to go somewhere.... but we ended up having a nice hour or so at the park before everyone started getting hungry and thirsty (hey I wasn't with it yet! didn't pack a bag... haha) and ended up having an early dinner at our family favorite... Azteca. So I didn't have to cook :) It was HOT at the park but the kids had fun. There were tons of butterflies everywhere which made me happy too :)

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