Monday, October 10, 2011

Bachelorette For A Night

My cousin Megan's Wedding is approaching rapidly! We had her bachelorette party this Saturday and it was a blast. We opted to steer clear of the whole raunchy route... no strippers and such (although we still had gratuitous amounts of penis things!) Megan is a gamer chick so we decided that Dave and Busters was the way to go. Drinking and video games with some good food... good times. We started at the house of one of the bridesmaids and started drinking there. I made some silly underpants themed cookies and also some jello jigglers made with Malibu rum *yum!* and Diane made delicious guac and salsa with her homegrown peppers. We ate and toasted Meg with some champagne, then we were off to the Palisades. Diane and I were taking some pictures in the backseat and she brought silly string... while intoxicated, it was the best idea ever... haha (made for some funny pictures! and probably a pissed off janitor at the mall ooops!) All in all a great night with no debauchery really, just silly fun and laughs.

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  1. Aww this looks so fun!! Bachelorette parties are awesome! :) And your cookies and jello look delicious!