Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wet & Wordful Wednesday

Today is a dreary wet Wednesday. Maris had preschool and learned about vowels while Jackson and I build a train town on his train table. We stopped at the dollar store (snapped this pic of them in their rain gear!) and got ourselves a 100 piece Princess puzzle. Jackson is causing chaos but Maris is intent on finishing it :)
This past week has been particularly busy (even for my always going lifestyle). We had a visit from Uncle Rob (Jim's brother who lives in California) and went to the Beacon Pumpkin Festival the morning after Megan's wedding. then went to work. The whole family came to visit me at work! *pictured below*... we celebrated our anniversary (kind of) by going out to dinner after I had traffic court. I got out of my ticket bc the cop didn't show up! Yay!

Uncle Rob got to squeeze between the carseats! lolpumpkin face!
checking out the Clearwater - a ship at the festival with free tours.

on another note : my Sister in law gave birth to her second daughter, Ava Marie... joining big sister Naomi :) This morning within the hour of 10am. She weighed in at 9lbs 8oz! BIG BABY GIRL! I wish I lived closer (they are in the Tampa area) so I can take ridiculous amounts of photos. Maybe a trip this winter/spring is in order. I've only met Naomi once - at my wedding 3 years ago. I keep saying I need a newborn to take artsy practice pictures with :) :)

Look how glowingly beautiful and happy Angela is with her sweet babies :)

I think we are caught up now! Smashed it all into one post. Go me! haha now off to make dinner. Taco night!

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