Friday, October 7, 2011

Preschool, Park Visit and Jello Shots?! (not all at once!) :D

My sweet girl had her orientation at her preschool today! We can't wait until Wednesday when she starts for real. The curriculum was rather impressive and the teachers and student teachers all seemed to be nice and caring. The school is more involved in development and all than I expected. Maris was so happy that 2 of her friends are in her class. It will make the transition between schools much easier on her. Jackson seemed jealous but behaved so well at the orientation. He didnt cry or get upset or anything - even when he saw Maris and the other kids outside in the playground. He still sat in the chair by me and colored on his piece of paper. Good boy when he wants to be :)

Yesterday we met up with a friend at a local park to celebrate this gorgeous weather. Something about all the colors and the sunlight and the way it hits the scenery inspired me. I love love love the fall! I could walk around and take pictures of everything all day and be a deliriously happy person :) I didnt take as many as I would have liked bc I was spending some of the time chasing kids and playing around in the park.... as well as catching up with a momma friend :)

my Bubba boy <3
sweet girl

I cannot believe that my cousins wedding is only a week away now! I am sitting here at 2 am working on jello shots and in between layers, I am working on buttons for us "bachelorettes" to wear tomorrow. I'm not gonna lie.... I am happy we aren't doing a traditional bachelorette party. We will definitely be drinking but there will be no strip clubs or anything of that nature. My cousin is a laid back hippie/gamer type person ... very unique and deserves a unique party :) pictures to follow - after the hangover haha :p I sampled the progress of my layered jello shooter thingies and they are stronger than I anticipated! Yum! Well goodnight world! I have to get SOME sleep to function (HA)

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