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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Preschool Halloween Celebration!

Maris' class happens to be within a vocational school (she is taught by certified teachers as well as a bunch of high school students/future child education majors) and she ADORES IT. She is in the same class as twin girls that she's known forever now so she adjusted to changing schools very easily. The student teachers made all the kids these adorable black cat trick or treat bags and took all of the kids trick or treating around the different vocational classrooms. You should have seen how full her treat bag was when I picked her up! We laid it all out on the kitchen table to open all the little gift bags and all. The fact that my candy corn princess got a few candy corn pencils just made her so happy haha
Well, here are a few pics from the Halloween celebration at her school. The theme for their party was "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" so all the teachers dressed up like witches. The one picture through the spy window looks like some coven of witches or something hehe

so today is supposed to be Josh's birthday party. I have been looking forward to it for a while now and there is supposed to be this giant snow storm today that might ruin it... I have been debating making the cake... but I suppose I should anyway. It is a great cake idea and if it turns out the way I see it in my head I will be happy. I bought the chocolate molds months ago and have been wanting to make this cake since! I can always give it to him on Halloween if the party doesn't happen. This snow better not ruin trick or treating for us!!! This is the first year that both kids are excited and understand what to do. Jackson was always too young/impatient to care... but he understands you get candy and get to hold a bag so he's into it now :) Plus he LOVES being a pirate... those of you who were at the Halloween party know that! haha he makes a dapper little pirate!

just a silly side thought... I was tempted to put crazy make up on Jacks and say he's Adam Ant. hahaha but I'm not sure how many people know who he is or could identify... ah well. it would amuse ME :)

THIS is Adam Ant btw
he could totally pull it off scarily enough

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  1. I haven't thought of Adam Ant in years! My best friend in high school was obsessed with him :)