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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Festivities - Pumpkin Picking!

What a weekend... we went to a crazy big party SAturday (mentioned in previous post) and then Sunday we went out to go in search of our Great Pumpkin. Hubs got up early and made pancakes and we were off on our adventure. We had a great day at Heaven Hill Farm (We've gone the past 3 years - love it!) going pumpkin picking and seeing the animals and sights. The kids love the hay ride - even though this is the first year they were a little skeptical and wary of the "haunted" aspect... Jackson looked leery and Maris pointed out the mechanics of the ghosts and skeletons and things and how they only moved when we were near them.... haha *smart girl!* We got our misshapen pumpkin (slim pickins since we went so late in the month...) but it has character! The kids loved the flailing tube man guy (they called him Shaky Guy) and MAris was impersonating him :) Jackson would yell SHAKY GUY!!! whenever he saw it. Of all the sights, that is what they were most excited about. Except for the tractor of course. Jackson was sooo excited to go on the hay ride and watch the tractor drive us. We did the corn maze and had the kids lead us eventually out :) oh, and I found some sort of Beatle grass? no idea.... I happen to come across Beatle stuff everywhere... its a gift I suppose hehe - just like the kids have a knack for finding things like wooly caterpillars :)

Now we wait for my next night off to carve the pumpkin! Hopefully before Halloween lol

as this month comes to a close and I prepare next months calendar, I am noticing how busy my fall is. November is quickly filling up with activities, parties, events, work, BIRTHDAYS, holidays, and other stuff. DEEP BREATH.... have to start prepping now... I take on too much! I swear thats my catch phrase when I realize how much I have to accomplish sometimes... if people only knew the HALF of it... :) Today I am hoping to find time to start the chocolate molds for this coming weekend's party for my future bro in law. I have a great idea for his cake so I made that my contribution to the party. I hope it comes out like it looks in my head.
Then its Halloween then my birthday! I am trying to plan a short trip into NYC to see one of my best friends Geoff in early November... we will see how it all goes!

alright, enough rambling... gotta start dinner, steal a shower, and start these chocolates. Maybe if the kids help me without eating it all... sigh off I go!

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