Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It Was 3 Years Ago Today...

Today marks our third anniversary... it feels like more but still weird to think its been that long. We've been together FOREVER... this is year 9....
we have nothing planned... I might make something nice for dinner and definitely get some cheesecake when we go grocery shopping today :) I HOPE he doesn't have anything secretly planned if I go through the trouble to cook something nice... haha. I wish I could get that stuffed sole we had at the wedding (and the tempura!!!!)mmmm
Guess since I have a traffic court date that just had to be tonight, we won't be doing much of anything. Maris told me to wear a pretty dress like in my picture.. I asked her which one and she said I can pick. :)
Is it bad that it feels like just another day to me?!?!?! (and to him as well) We are both acknowledging the date and all but we didn't do cards, gifts, plan anything... ahh well. I had my magical trip to NYC last year so I'm good. :)

***UPDATE**** courtesy of Mom and Bobby, I will now have money t go out to eat with Jim tonight AND they are taking the kids for the night. Score! I get to eat some yummy food I dont have to cook! Still might stop for cheesecake!

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